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Don "DC" Curry (Celebrity Show)
January 18 - January 20, 2013

- 18+ Show -

When you first hear Don "D.C." Curry, you may just want to sit down and listen to him carefully. In fact you may want to ask him his advice on any number of things ? politics, child-rearing, balancing the budget, being a black man in America or baseball (He is a former pro player).

His response may not be what you expect. It may not even be what you think you want to hear. But by the time he is finished "going off" on one of his patented riffs (and taking you with him), don't be surprised if you find yourself nodding your head in agreement with the wildest assertions that somehow make "good common sense." Say what you will about his position on the issues. Try to understand that it is the truth as he sees it -- the world according to Don "D.C." Curry.

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Don DC Curry (2013)

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